"OMG! I Looovvvvveeee it! I love the packaging The Tags, and even the name printed on the shirt!"


"Love what LYF line clothing represents and how self-love is encouraged. Support a company that reflects positivity."


"Great Quality. I love my shirt !

Love supporting  positivity"


"Great quality clothing. No matter how many times I wash it, the quality remains. I love the meaning behind this line and feel confident every time I put it on."


"I love Lyf Line Clothing. The message behind the name, " Love Yourself First", reminds me that I matter and to never give up on myself! I also love the quality of the material and the fact that I can wear my shirts with a blazer and slacks or jeans  and tennis shoes. Very versatile!"


"The most appealing aspect of LYF Line Clothing is that I relate with the concept. I love thatwhen I put on my "Im Dope" tee on, it's a a constant reminder of my worth. I love the quality and love put into the apparel. the material feels soft on my skin and it stays that even after you wash it. I typically wouldn't pay a lot for t-shirts but these are worth the price. I have SEVERAL. Lol"


I love the clothing line and the message it represents. Clothes are great quality  and a great fit!"